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Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm
(847) 816-0011
600 Lakeview Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL
Loaners Available 24/7


"I want to thank the staff at Star Auto- Someone tried to steal my Jeep and all they did was destroy the steering column. I live in Chicago and work in Vernon Hills, Star Auto let me use one of the new Toyota courtesy cars for two weeks while they repaired my jeep ( They also called and worked with my insurance to replace the steering column). The thing that Star Auto did not know was that my brother has been in and out of the hospital the last two months, with the money I was able to save from not getting a rental care, I am able to help my brother out in a time of need. The staff at Star Auto are first class all the way. My deepest thanks to everyone." - Jim Mumaw

"Thank you again and the word will definitely be spread about what a fantastic job you and the team have done!" - Donna, Gurnee

"A brief anecdote: We looked (sadly) at new cars the other night, and the sales rep was singing the praises of the service department. 'We have loaners.' To which I said, 'So does my mechanic.' 'We have free Starbucks coffee.' To which I said, 'So does my mechanic.' 'And when we expand, we'll have a car wash.' I smirked and said, 'My mechanic already does.' Add all of this up, and why go anywhere else?" - Stan, Buffalo Grove

"Star Auto Authority goes out of their way to keep customers happy. When dealing with service managers at other garages, I often hear, 'Sorry, I can't do that,' even with something as simple as getting a loaner/rental car. I never hear that from Star Auto Authority. They're always willing to go the extra mile." - Jane, Gurnee

"I wanted to let you know why I chose Star for this repair vs. a dealer, Midas, etc. Obviously to talk to a knowledgeable person with a trustworthy reputation and to hopefully save money over the dealer. But what sealed the deal was: a) you mentioning the 3-year warranty (vs. Toyota of 1-year) and b) your no-hassle loaner policy. I started talking to [the dealer] and they said I have to bring the car in, then if it's more than 3 hours [of work], then a loaner. Another dealer said he'd have to have the service manager call me back about a loaner ... and never did. So those two selling points were important to me with my work schedule ... And as you originally said on the phone, you'd save me money over the dealer, which you did-and all that according to my schedule and availability." - Bob, Wauconda

"You are very thorough, very accommodating-and not just once or twice, but all of the time. For the most part, everything you have done, I have never had a problem with. And you don't want to fix it just to fix it and risk having something go wrong soon after. It's also really nice that you have the guarantee on the car for 3 years. To me, everything you do is very comforting. And the people are so nice. Mike especially. You are so accommodating, and all of your people are accommodating. Last week, I had an oil change. I was on a real tight schedule. They got me in and out very, very quickly. When they were done, a guy came in with the keys, and the car was waiting outside right at the entrance for me. It's the little things that they do. It's nice. Nowadays, it's hard to know who to trust with car repairs." - Daun, Vernon Hills

"How can you put a price tag on integrity and honesty and knowledge?" - Paul, Vernon Hills

"I just wanted to let you know what a difference the headlight restoration has been. I could not really see much before coming in. After the restoration, I can't believe that I can see at least 4 car lengths ahead and even to the side (which just wasn't happening before). The other night, I had someone even think that my brights were on and flash their headlights at me. I could only laugh because that would have never happened before I came in to get it done. Thanks again!" - Mary, Pleasant Prairie, WI

"It is always done right the first time. It is performed in a timely fashion. I love that I get a free car wash. The staff treats me like family. I trust them and feel safe that they fix my car as if they were fixing their wife's, mother's or daughter's car." - Diane, Wadsworth

"I never have to worry about how I am going to be treated, whether or not the service work really needs to be done, and whether or not I am getting a fair deal. You have my trust." - Stuart, Lincolnshire

"Since my dealer extended warranty ran out, my car has been well kept with the ongoing safety checks, complimentary car washes and interior cleaning when I visit. Every time I get my car back, I feel like I'm getting in it for the first time when I bought it new 164,000 miles ago!" - Alan, Lake Forest

"I love the people, the friendly reception, and even the tone that says, 'I remember you,' when I call." - Gwen, Ingleside

"Thank you so very much for the work you did on our three cars. Thank you especially for seeing to it that the blue Elantra's warranty work got done by the dealer. You have no idea how much that meant to us. We value your service greatly." - Kat & Joe, Vernon Hills

"I brought my car in on the fly as it was breaking down about a block from your location. I was served immediately and able to get a loaner car." - William, Vernon Hills

"I love the detailed explanation of the jobs that were done, the car wash, and the friendly experience of all the workers at Star Auto Authority. It makes me feel comfortable to leave my car, and that is what's important. I trust Star Auto Authority associates." - Julie, Chicago

"Everybody was so helpful and professional. I was floored." - Allison, Evanston

"Always appreciate tracking the health of our vehicles and not pressuring us to do more than we can afford along the way." - Christine, Lincolnshire

"I love that you provide customers with a complimentary car, literally no charge (except the gas you would have used anyway's with your own car). I need to get to work ON time, and it happens to be much earlier than my fiancé. To have my own mode of transportation even though my car was in the shop - incredible!" - Eden, Vernon Hills

"Star Auto Authority does excellent work. I like the 3-year warranty on all work. Better than any dealership I've been too." - Lou, Hoffman Estates

"Once again, you did a great job. I was able to get my car in right away. The services were great and done in a timely manner. Thanks for your help." - Blake, Des Plaines

"As a CPA, I appreciate the professionalism of your team, which is very different from the stereotypical 'grease-monkey' attitude that some auto repair businesses give to customers. I will continue to bring all my vehicles to Star for this reason." - Steve, Vernon Hills

"I love the cleanliness of the facility and the comfortable atmosphere compared to the stifling Jiffy Lube/Merlin facilities. I also enjoy the waiting area. My children are happy to play with the dollhouse, and they love having access to water bottles." - Kathryn, Vernon Hills

"You always fix it right the first time. When I used to go elsewhere, I often had to return a second time to resolve the issue." - Jan, Wauconda

"When I got my truck back, there were some scratches on the bed cap. I'm not sure if it was from you guys, but when I mentioned it, you guys buffed it out free of charge. I really appreciate that. The customer service is excellent!" - Sarah, Libertyville

"I tried the cookies...I now have to make up reasons to stop by more often." - Jesse, Mundelein

"The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and I didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of. They did very thorough diagnostic work. The building is clean and comfortable. The whole process was the best experience I've had getting my car serviced." - Allison, Chicago

"I love how friendly, considerate, patient everyone always is. I'm never treated poorly like I have been in the past. That's why I always come to C&M (Oops!!!, I mean Star Auto!!!). I can't say enough positive things about the service I receive each and every time I'm there." - Judy, Vernon Hills

"I think you guys have done a great job of creating a professional and reassuring end-to-end experience for your clients. Great attention to detail in creating a customer experience." - Matt, Chicago

"Friendly service staff seem to genuinely enjoy what they do, seem knowledgeable, and are ready to answer questions." - Andy, Palatine

"I love the convenience with it being next door to where I work. They always drive me to and from work, and if for some reason the vehicles are not done, they have a loaner." - Laura, Mundelein

"Everyone there is completely open and honest with you on what needs to be repaired and how much it will cost." - Mara, Arlington Heights

"I can get an appointment scheduled promptly-versus my dealership, which used to take weeks. I value being able to have my car serviced while I'm at work because of your drop-off and pick-up service. It saves me valuable weekend time." - Betsy, Chicago

"You can eat off the floors in the garage. Things seem very organized, and your processes run very smoothly." - Brad, Vernon Hills

"Professional, friendly, timely, helpful service. I rely on your expertise to provide me with the necessary recommendations and services for my car." - Elaine, Northbrook

"I felt that I could trust you with my car. To me, that is huge. I always feel I can't trust people working on my car, unless I watch everything they do because I've been screwed over in the past from mechanics. I felt I could trust Star Auto Authority, which says a lot." - Anthony, Schaumburg

"I love your honesty and fairness. I love that you don't find things wrong with my cars and you tell me what must be fixed now and what can wait so I can budget." - Pat, Vernon Hills

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