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Fuel Cost Calculator - How to Save Money On Gas

With gas prices fluctuating, it's easy to feel powerless at the pump. However a properly maintained vehicle can save real dollars, not pennies.

Use our Fuel Cost Calculator (see below) to find out how more miles per gallon translates into real savings for you.

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Our experts will evaluate your vehicle for FREE to identify money-saving ways you can increase gas mileage with basic maintenance.

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Save Me Some Money

Annual Miles Driven
(Note: Exclude the comma—i.e. xxxxx not xx,xxx)
Estimated Fuel Economy (mpg)
Gas Cost/Gallon (in dollars) $
You use an estimated ____ gallons of gas per year.
At $__/gallon, you spend an estimated $____ on fuel each year.

How much could you save each year by increasing your fuel economy?

Increase your gas mileage to
Increase/decrease your annual fuel cost by
By increasing your fuel economy to ____ mpg, you'll use ____ gallons of gas per year. This would cost you $____ on fuel, which is $____more than/less than your current fuel costs.

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